Jason was very flexible and accommodating, seeing us on short notice after a booking mix up. Very professional and insightful in his approach I was able to come to a resolution on my concerns in a short space of time. Definitely recommend.


Jason has been extremely helpful in initiating tough conversations that we were struggling to have on ur own. As a couple we have been empowered with proper tools on how to resolve issues that once felt to much for us to handle. He has been particularly helpful in advising us on how to work holistically as family including how to work better at raising our children which is honestly - priceless. As we are not based in the UK our sessions have been exclusively online, this hasn't hindered our growth at all. We look forward to our sessions and they often feel like a safe space to say a lot of what we have been holding back (Jason is great at prompting this) We would definitely recommend him to other couples especially those with young families.


I've been meeting with Jason virtually for several weeks which has been really beneficial with a busy day to day life. Jason offers practical solutions and processes to help me understand my behaviour and frames things in a way i understand offering good visuals and analogies. I'm in relatively early stages of this process with Jason but I'm optimistic about how i will progress and the support Jason offers to improve myself.


I'm finding sessions well structured and helpful. Jason has taken the time to understand my situation and we are working together to better my mental health.


Jason has been a breath of fresh air for us. We have now had four sessions with Jason and he has really helped my partner and myself. He has given us the much needed tools and platform to rebuild our relationship. We have struggled with various issues for a few years and Jason has helped us to communicate better, understand ourselves and each other, listen, respect and love again. When life gets a bit all to much it can fester into a very negative pattern. Speaking to Jason after only a few sessions has given us a hope for the future and we are looking forward to continuing our sessions with him.


My first meeting with Jason was my first time seeing a therapist. He did an excellent job at introducing me to the process of therapy and after a few sessions I began making progress. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.


Found the sessions helpful so far, looking forward to trying to work together to address a number of longstanding issues. Jason is a good communicator, and thought provoking. As i said i find his approach suits me very well - for me I think it may be what i need


We had a very good and effective counselling session with Jason. I can clearly see positive results and progress with my Son. Thanks Jason!


Jason is a calm and supportive practitioner and has this far provided excellent care. He takes time to listen and then comes up with a plan that works for us as individuals and as a couple.


I was initially very skeptical of therapy until I felt the need to delve deeper into the underlying issues that started surfacing in my everyday life. Throughout our sessions, Jason has been a great listener and managed to create an extremely safe and supportive environment where I felt I could comfortably share and be vulnerable. He helped me identify the tools for managing anxiety, stress, and cognitive distortion while organically guiding me to gain more self-awareness. I left today's session and I genuinely felt happier and better equipped to understand myself and my behavior ---I would highly recommend him.


We have attended couple counselling with Jason (and ongoing). We have found the sessions to be constructive, informative, enlightening and hugely beneficial. Jason is extremely professional, experienced and his empathic and equally supportive approach has enabled us both to discuss our marital issues in a calm and supportive environment. Learning more about ourselves as individuals has been insightful and helpful, as we have come to learn and understand our own behaviours and perceptions and our interactions with one another. Calm communication facilitated by Jason has been crucial and hopefully a marriage saver! We would not hesitate to recommend Jason. For us, attending counselling with Jason has been a necessary and positive step forward


Jason is the first therapist I've met who has truly understood what I need from therapy and is able to meet those needs through his breadth of knowledge, skills and approach. I still have a way to go but I feel confident that I will get there with my sessions with Jason which is a credit to him.


Amazing. Jason is a great listener. I would not be able to tackle my final year at university without his support this past year.


I’ve been working with Angie over six sessions after suffering with extreme anxiety. She is brilliant and is honestly the best therapist I have ever worked with. I’m feeling much stronger and better in myself. I’d definitely recommend.


I've worked with Jason on my professional & personal development for a number of months with great success. While I was initially hesitant and perhaps even sceptical, Jason really helped me focus my attention on the priorities in my life both personally and professionally. This not only helped me improve my quality of life outside of work, it really helped me maximise my performance inside of work whilst striking a healthy work/life balance.

Jason puts you at ease, is easy to talk too and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. If you need to optimise your life, be it business or personally, then give Jason a call, it takes time, but you will not regret it.


Jason has been fantastic to work with and a great support. My thinking has gone from worrying and negative thoughts to clear, positive and focused thoughts.


Jason has been fantastic to work with, helping me to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life – enabling me to take the road that will lead to fulfilling my personal goals.


Life in action really helped me when I needed a different lens to look at my life through. We worked  together at first with some one-to-one coaching and this soon moved to working with MBTI assessment to enable a deeper assessment of why I was feeling I couldn’t get along with some people in my life. I was able to not only learn about myself but also a bit about others I was surrounded by.

Jason is an exceptional coach. He has helped me find clarity through a very challenging time. Having reached an unhappy plateau in senior management, I was ready to set out on my own with a new business venture. Jason has helped me throughout and I have found our sessions invaluable – thank you.


Before my work with Jason I felt stuck, confused and unsure of the way forward. I found our sessions tremendously helpful, and my career as a freelance Accountant has really taken off. I’ve worked with life coaches before, but none had his energy, warmth and insightfulness. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a first class coach


He is a diamond and I am so glad I found him!


We went to see Jason after some issues in our relationship. We had been married for over 30 years so initially found this a difficult thing to do. After a few months working with Jason we soon got ourselves back on track. A worthwhile investment. 


Working with Jason is like having 2 minds, one to manage the logistics of my project and the other to explore the emotional issues that come with it. He acted as a second pair of eyes for me and gave me honest feedback along the way. I find myself going exactly where I need to go in our sessions, exploring the core issues. I feel heard, supported and understood and I always come away knowing exactly what needs to be done, and more importantly he helps me gain access to the tools I need to do it! I have seen my project grow, become increasingly successful and put down strong roots through good decision making, thoughtful management and above all enthusiastic guidance.