Our specialised counselling services for those with a disability

We recognise that we are all different and we all need a different level of support. We offer counselling and coaching support to those who are Deaf or heard of hearing as well as those who are Blind or have poor sight.

We are partnering with local and national charities to offer support and bring awareness to our team and the people we serve locally.

These services are delivered through our outreach support team online who are fully trained to work with these disabilities.

How we work

sign therapy

hearing, speech, and language problems

the Blind

hearing Impaired

emotional support

support for low income and unemployed with a disability

We know that Deaf people are proud of their history and of what Deaf achievers have contributed to both Deaf and hearing society in the past.

They are motivated by their example to develop their lives to the fullest in the future.  We aim to work with this and other disabilities through therapy in play, sign therapy and other effective ways to support and allow people to share their experiences with a trained counsellor.

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