Counselling or Psychotherapy or perhaps even coaching- What is the difference?

We offer support to individuals, couples and families in our private practice in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Depending on your needs we may use a combination of counselling and psychotherapy or even some coaching. These approaches aim to significantly help our general anxiety, stress of work and everyday life to enable us to manage our lives more effectively. Influencing our mental and physical well-being.

Our team of counsellors offer a wide range of therapy with backgrounds in sexual abuse, addiction and trauma stabilisation.

If you are seeking help to find a better understanding of yourself, others including your close family members and partners as well as any major life events, this may be the time to talk one of our professionally trained counsellors who can support you through your difficulties.

How we work

We provide counselling in a safe, confidential environment in which you explore and understand your thoughts and feelings. We work with clients for both short and ongoing counselling as well as longer term mentoring where individuals wish to continue the support over a prolonged period. This is particularly useful when we work with stopping addiction and our "Stop Addiction" programs typically last up to 18 months.

Online Counselling

We are set up to offer counselling support through our secure online platform from our clinic direct to you anywhere around the UK and Europe. We have full conferencing facility, highspeed HD video as well as the ability to use interactive sessions.

We also offer telephone counselling where Skype is not available meeting the needs of our less able patients and those who do not have the internet.

Our specialism

We are BACP Accredited which means a number of our therapists has been deemed to meet the higher standards as a competent, ethical and independent.

We have specific safe-guarding policies in place when working with young people and we work with the parents and careers of young people to work through difficult times.

Psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy is a specialist treatment which helps people to explore their feelings in order to understand and work through emotional difficulties.

We will help you identify any childhood scripts you may be living and work with you to write new ones that are helpful and not limiting.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy takes the approach that early experiences are important in shaping the way the mind works but a large part of our mind operates outside of our consciousness. For psychotherapy to be most effective it is helpful if the individual has some ability to consider the ways in which their own actions and behaviours may be contributing to the difficulties, they find themselves in.

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From an early age, we find ways of managing our experiences and this influences how we cope in later life. With the therapist’s help, we can gradually come to understand these experiences and make sense of how we have dealt with them. This leads to the process of change.

We work to understand your experience from your point of view, and to positively value you as a person in all aspects of your humanity, while aiming to be open and genuine as another human being.

Areas of Support

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We can help with the following areas but these are by no means the limit of our support.


Anger Management




Couples Counselling

Debt Management


Personality Disorders

Relationship Issues




We also offer training to couples on communication following couples counselling



Clients can be assured that the strictest confidentiality is always upheld. We are also registered with the Information Commissioners office, the ICO.

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