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Jason Bloomfield MBACP (Accred)

Clinic Director

Jason is a BACP Accredited Psychotherapist and Supervisor at our practice in Grantham

He works with a group of other professionals to support a range of people in improving their health and emotional well-being. Jason also runs training and professional development courses for counsellors and health professionals across the UK in his work as a clinical supervisor. Jason is a keen researcher into the personality and has several papers on the subject.

As a fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management he is well placed to support individuals on their style, approach and development in the workplace and consults in organisations as part of his work in Human Resource Development.

When working with client issues his specialist interests and work is with trauma, addiction and the impact this has on ones ability to function in what he calls “everyday life” Working with an area he terms “parts” he gives clients the methods to fully understand what part they are being dominated by and works to release this.
He is a family therapist and runs clinic for couples and families struggling to communicate.

Jason has a no no-nonsense approach to supporting people and does not work in the traditional "tears and tissue approach" to counselling and works from a more psychodynamic base looking at the past and its impact on the present.

He is a Chartered member MCipd of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a member MInstLM of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Both these qualifications and involvement with these professional bodies enable him to support his clients with professional career and development coaching as well as the wider area of research.

Having qualified as a executive coach and leadership mentor he has practiced as a creative, innovative and highly successful performance enhancement coach, Jason has worked for some of the most successful blue chip organisations in the country, private, and the charity sector developing coaching and leadership programs with them.

His unique and engaging style has enabled many individuals and groups to achieve their personal and professional development goals.

Jason is specialist therapist that combines theory with practice enabling his clients to both understand the "why" as well as the "how". Jason takes his clients on a journey of self-discovery and growth enabling them to take "their life in their hands".

Having undergone training through professional bodies such as the UK-NLP. ILM, CIPD and Life-force counselling- BACP gold standard, Jason holds the relevant qualifications to work in these areas.

Jason and the team work as a family therapist supporting parents and young people through difficult times as well as with couples where he practices as a marriage counsellor in the Grantham area.

Angie brings a wealth of experience to the practice specialising in a number of areas with clients from varying backgrounds.

Angie is BACP qualified and is from the person-centred school of counselling. With this she uses her own knowledge and life experience integrating techniques from the different groups she has worked with.

Angie’s specialist areas of interests are working with these with low self-esteem/self-worth, anxiety, grief and survivors of sexual, physical and mental abuse. She works with both male and female supporting them to on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and recovery.

Whilst Angie’s main client group is adults, she does have experience of youth work and has worked in a school setting with young people of varying ages. These skills and experience compliment the practice and allows for concurrent support work with the families of the victims, an area often overlooked by traditional therapies.

Angie uses her person-centred approach to invite clients to explore their feelings, beliefs and thoughts in a non-judgemental way. By allowing them the safe space to reflect on the path to self-awareness enables clients to discover how to move forward and take some control back of their lives.


Angie Greensmith BACP



Heidi is one of our independent therapists working with the team here at Life In Action.

Heidi has a background in person centred counselling and is a qualified member of BACP. Although her specialist area is of the person centred model she continues to develop her understanding of other modalities & techniques.

This allows for a wide range of options when helping her clients to talk through whatever they choose to; helping them lead their own therapy, exploring their emotions & behaviours without judgment whilst giving them both space and time in which to reflect and work through their issues; empowering them to take back control.

Heidi’s specialist interest is working with trauma and she has successfully worked with men, women and children who have been affected by sexual abuse and rape. However, she has also worked with clients suffering from a whole host of issues such as Anxiety, depression, self-harm, self-esteem issues, Body dysmorphic disorders and anger.

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