Jason Bloomfield MBACP (Accred)

Clinic Director

Jason is a BACP Accredited Psychotherapist and Supervisor at our practice in Grantham

He works with a group of other professionals to support a range of people in improving their health and emotional well-being. Jason also runs training and professional development courses for counsellors and health professionals across the UK in his work as a clinical supervisor. Jason is a keen researcher into the personality and has several papers on the subject.

As a fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management he is well placed to support individuals on their style, approach and development in the workplace and consults in organisations as part of his work in Human Resource Development.

When working with client issues his specialist interests and work is with trauma, addiction and the impact this has on ones ability to function in what he calls “everyday life” Working with an area he terms “parts” he gives clients the methods to fully understand what part they are being dominated by and works to release this.
He is a family therapist and runs clinic for couples and families struggling to communicate.

Jason has a no no-nonsense approach to supporting people and does not work in the traditional "tears and tissue approach" to counselling and works from a more psychodynamic base looking at the past and its impact on the present.

He is a Chartered member MCipd of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Fellow FInstLM of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Both these qualifications and involvement with these professional bodies enable him to support his clients with professional career and development coaching as well as the wider area of research.

Having qualified as a executive coach and leadership mentor he has practiced as a creative, innovative and highly successful performance enhancement coach, Jason has worked for some of the most successful blue chip organisations in the country, private, and the charity sector developing coaching and leadership programs with them.

His unique and engaging style has enabled many individuals and groups to achieve their personal and professional development goals.

Jason is specialist therapist that combines theory with practice enabling his clients to both understand the "why" as well as the "how". Jason takes his clients on a journey of self-discovery and growth enabling them to take "their life in their hands".

Having undergone training through professional bodies such as the BPS, UK-NLP. ILM, CIPD and Life-force counselling- BACP gold standard, Jason holds the relevant qualifications to work in these areas.

Jason and the team work as a family therapist supporting parents and young people through difficult times as well as with couples where he practices as a marriage counsellor in the Grantham area.

Simone brings a wealth of experience to the clinic as our specialist team counsellor supporting those with learning disabilities and also using Sign Language

Simone is BACP qualified and works in a non-judgemental and empathic manner helping clients explore their inner most thoughts and feelings. Her integrative approach means she combines the most appropriate therapies according to client need.

She knows how liberating it can be for an individual to have the time and space to express anything they want in a safe and confidential setting.  This influences her to always offer this same experience and helps her examine and determine the best solution enabling clients to move forward.

Simone has a certificate in Creative Therapy and uses this approach to support adults and children who may find talking therapies too challenging.  Using art and the imagination offers clients a new way to communicate.

Simone works with people of all age groups, genders, and cultures and has a special interest in neurological conditions such as Dyslexia and Autism. She is also able to communicate with clients using British Sign Language and has particular experience of Deaf culture and issues.

Simone is currently part of our outreach team supporting clients via our online platform.


Simone BACP



Working from the Humanistic School of counselling Kim brings a warm, supportive and collaborative approach to how she works with her clients.

With extensive experience working with families in a number of settings including family and client liaison, Kim uses these skills to help clients foster a sense of power and choice in their lives. Kim hold the belief that change can come if the environment is right and helps clients to adopt a more objective viewpoint to foster change.

Kim uses a number of tools and approaches from other therapeutic modalities such as CBT dependent on the individual client and their needs. Kim works to assess the areas clients raise and help them find a space they are comfortable to approach these areas over a period of time. Kim allows clients to be creative in her sessions and works with play materials such as art and toy work sometimes taking clients back to early childhood experiences where they can look deeper in to themselves.

Kim has a special interest in body image/low self-worth, anxiety and depression and some of the clients she has worked with have benefited from her emphatic but challenging approach to self-worth and the internal viewpoint they hold.

Kim is currently on a sabbatical so is not taking on new referrals.

Tracy is experienced counsellor within the team who specialises purely with remote online therapy

Her areas of support reach out to individuals and couples. Offering a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space where her clients can talk about anything, whether it is current situations that are troubling or something that happened in the past. Tracy brings a warm ear and supportive approach.

By listening and paying close attention to what her clients are saying she gains a better insight into their world. Working together they unravel any confused thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, helping to develop a greater understanding of life and relationships.

Tracy works collaboratively with clients, using encouragement and a gentle challenge and a strong sense of respect and autonomy.

Tracy specialises in helping clients with relationship issues, anxiety, anger, self-esteem issues and bereavement.

These are the areas where she has the most experience.

We are pleased to have Tracy on our team as our outreach on-line counsellor.

Tracy pic .jpg (1)


Emily has a focus on working from the Gestalt approach to therapy

Emily offers clients a compassionate and non-judgemental space for clients to explore themselves and their relationships with others. In the main she may use the Gestalt approach or integrate this in to her work.  She values authenticity and equality in her work, and believes in helping clients to feel safe enough to share with her and experience being heard and accepted.
Emily works with a relational approach, which recognises that as humans our relationships are often the source of pleasure and fulfillment, both also of pain and grief. She works with individuals to explore their learnt patterns in relationship with others, themselves and their ways of being in the world. Being in therapy often provides the opportunity for clients to experience and practice new ways of being and relating to others.
Emily has recently qualified as a BACP practitioner. She works using a Humanistic and Integrative model, using elements of various therapies that are based on the importance of relationship in human development. With experience in working with young people and adults, Emily works with clients with a range of presenting issues including anxiety, shame and trauma response.
Emily is joining our team from September.




Doug- "Dog therapist" supports the clinic providing comfort and theraputic play with children and young people

Needless to say Doug does help adults and sometimes those with learning disabilities to communicate feelings through play.  Occasional he will support in outdoor therapy when the weather permits supporting outdoor exercise as part of the "big 4" things that improve health and well-being and help to get people talking. Doug only works part time as he needs to fit in a busy schedule at home too where he plays an active role in security and letter opening!