We are a psychotherapy and counselling clinic in the heart of Grantham and Sleaford for couples and individuals. Specialists in CBT and trauma therapy including developmental stage work

A Lincolnshire based psychotherapy service operating from both Grantham and Sleaford. Our experienced team of therapists are all BACP registered

We have met the highest standards required in training and throughout our practice as therapists*

We work with a wide range of clients both local to Grantham and across the county including Newark, Boston and Sleaford and surrounding villages. Our range of services include counselling and psychotherapy right through to professional personal coaching and longer term mentoring. We work with you in ways that are right for you and bring in many different methods that make our service appealing to our patients.

We offer marriage counselling and couples relationship support both in helping you to communicate better, love more and fight less.

Depending on your needs we can develop a plan that is right for you and your family.

We specialise in working with trauma using trauma-informed stabilisation treatment while focus on the two memory systems we all have and our bodies natural response to dealing with threat and danger.

We are also proud to be able to offer a service for the Deaf and partner with those who are trained in Sign Language.

Counselling or psychotherapy could lead to significant and lasting beneficial changes in your life. It can provide invaluable support through crisis or change, and can help you to handle challenge, improve relationships, reduce feelings of anxiety or depression and increase your self-confidence.

We integrate a range of therapies depending on our client’s needs and we believe this makes the services very different from traditional talking therapies available today. Being a Grantham based counselling service we can support local people in the Lincolnshire area. We are also a provider of CPD training courses for counsellors and health professionals. In addition to this we also run a number of groups that help and support individual development such as our men’s personal development group and our recently launched "talking sex" process group specifically aimed at those exploring either addiction or their own identity.

Life in Action provides support to individuals, families and couples in counselling, creative therapy and coaching with our qualified professional coach.  We also offer individual assessment profiling to better understand your personality using some of the world's most well known systems for assessment and profiling.

An introduction to counselling and support

When our needs are met we blossom and grow

Would you wonder why a plant was wilting if it didn't have water or sunlight?

Would you take your car to the mechanic before checking it had fuel in its tank and air in its tyres? Of course not, so why is that we forget what we need to be happy? As well as the obvious 'basic needs' for water, food and shelter, humans have a set of basic needs which are not so obvious, but just as essential to emotional wellbeing.

That's why the team at Life in Action work a lot with stimulus hungers These fundamental needs are not treated with the attention they deserve. We often overlook the need for love, attention, activities and sex/passion to name a few. When these needs go unmet for too long, we can suffer anxiety, depression, addiction, or some other emotional problem. And because this develops over time, it can be easily overlooked, leaving us confused about why we've got this problem.

Perhaps this is why you are reading this now? To make matters worse, many people aren't always aware they have these needs or how they affect their wellbeing.

We have devised a short 6-week course where we look at the needs you have and where and how they are being met. We identify if they are being met in a healthy way and help you to start to work towards getting the right needs met in the right way.

Below are a number of the areas we cover during our 6-week programme: The need to give and receive attention The need for purpose, goals, and meaning The need for community and making a contribution The need for challenge and creativity The need for intimacy The need for control The need for status At the end of the programme you can continue with personal therapy or complete the course. The course is designed to help you with anxiety and self-confidence issues as well as support you with developing a sense of worth, purpose and meaning in your life.

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