What does it all cost?

First things first 

Initial consultation (s)

The purpose of the initial consultation is for us to find out what is bringing you into counselling at this time and what you would like to gain from the counselling. This first meeting also gives us the opportunity to decide whether it is appropriate for us to work together. The consultation fee is £40.00. We would agree at the end of the meeting if you wish to book further sessions.

Next step

Once we have decided to work together we would agree a day and time we would meet each week. For therapy to work it is important that regular weekly sessions take place. I appreciate that this is not always possible. We require 48 hours notice of a cancelled session. If you give us less notice than this, then we will try to find another time within the same week that is convenient to both of us; however, if this is not possible then the fee will be charged.


The fee for individual coaching is £50.00 per hour. Discounted packages are
available and would be tailored to suit individuals.  The first session is
payable in advance as detailed above. 

Personality work 

We are also able to run MBTI and TKI sessions that help you to identify the personality of you and those around you. We also work with Firo,Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation. Assessments range from £65.00 including full interpretation.

Counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling fees range between £43.00 – £45.00 per session. This is dependent on a number of factors that can be discussed prior to appointments being made. There are a limited number of discounted sessions available each month. Fees will always be agreed prior to the sessions commencing.

Couples counselling is also charged at differing rates and would be agreed on assessment and fees start at £55.00 per session.

Family therapy starts at £55.00 per session. (discounted rates apply for low income)

Appointments will be held in our practice in Grantham.